What is Streamsmart?

Streamsmart is a media content streaming device. Powered by Android and running the KodiMedia Center (formerly known as XBMC) platform which allows hundreds of apps (Add-ons) to assist the user in locating audio and video files and stream them through the device. Movies, shows, video clips, and live television are all available. Content can be played in 720, 1080p, 3D, and 4K...anytime, anywhere you have an ethernet or WiFi connection. 20Mbps minimum speed at the unit is recommended for uninterrupted streaming of live and on-demand content.

Is it legal?

Streamsmart is completely legal. You are streaming and not downloading.
StreamSmart Direct LLC does not host, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind and acts only as an index of media, which is hosted by third parties on the Internet. StreamSmart in no way condones Pirating, and any downloading of media to the device is prohibited.  The media streams to your TV, but is never stored, retained, or downloaded.
StreamSmart boxes are highly optimized computers that allow you to STREAM your content rather than DOWNLOAD content. Since you never have an appreciable amount of the content at any one given time, you never violate any copyright or ownership of what you are viewing. It’s also a reason they do not even put a hard drive in the device. Simply stated, ownership is the law – If you download, that’s illegal… If you stream, that is not.
Streamsmart has negotiated agreements with carefully screened Channel Providers, so you do not have to pay subscription fees. They will be adding to their Channel Provider list, creating more value for you as a StreamSmart TV box owner.
Streamsmart will continue to work for you to bring quality channel partners and Addons. When they add a new channel partner, it will be loaded into your box automatically. Customers that have registered their StreamSmart box will receive an email update with details.
Through their Channel Providers, newer releases of movies and shows stream just like other content you can access. They are streamed from other countries. Movies and TV shows are released in other areas before they are released in the US. The piracy laws are different overseas. If you are only accessing information on the internet it is not illegal; however, if you were to download a movie onto a flash drive and distribute it, that could be considered illegal. The Kodi software is not downloading anything, it’s only accessing content that is readily available online.

Why Streamsmart and not a cheaper Kodi device?

  1. One time fee.
  2. No subscriptions
  3. No contracts
  4. Constantly updating content
  5. 24/7 Facebook support with answers to questions
  6. Elminates need for DVR, DVD, and cable/satellite box devices
  7. Eliminates need for expensive sports packages
  8. Every network's On-Demand catalog (including new media such as Amazon Prime Originals, and Netflix Originals)
  9. All newly released, current, and classic movies in every genre
  10. Music and concerts
  11. PPV events such as UFC, Boxing, and WWE
  12. All NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, MLS, World Cup, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Nascar, F1, Motocross, Supercross, European GP Motocross, V8 Supercars, GT, and more.
  13. Take it anywhere you can get an internet connection.
  14. Play old school games using emulators for NES, SNES, N64, SEGA, Atari, and Playstation
  15. Put your TV anywhere regardless of cable outlets.

Compared to other cheaper "Kodi" boxes, the Streamsmart does all of the work for you. You do not have to be a Tech person to operate it. Other cheaper units require you to install your OS build, research and install Addons, update and correct broken links and bad repositories. and pay subscriptions to premium addons with the best content. If a lot of this was "Greek" to you, then that alone answers the question of why not use a cheaper unit.
Bottom line is Streamsmart offers consistently updated services with some of the best premium addons, and the only work the user has is to access all of the content they never had before.

As a reseller do I use a Streamsmart?

Simply put, YES!
As a DirecTV customer of 14 years, my family and I cut the cord and made the switch. We started with one box on our Family TV and loved it so much we added boxes to every TV in our home.
Even with internet service @ 30Mbps we were able to run all 3 boxes off of our home WiFi.
I had the premium package with all the movie channels, sports package, and NFL Sunday Ticket each season. Now I am saving between $200 & $300 per month. This doesn't even take into account PPV events, movie rentals, and theater expenses.
I personally began telling friends and family about the Streamsmart and was encouraged by them and my own reseller to become an official reseller.
JB Technical Solutions already has the capability to assess your current computing and internet capabilities and recommend upgrades to the provider and hardware you currently have, and has been doing that for it's customers It was a very short journey for us to also recommend the Streamsmart as a money saving alternative to Cable or Satellite.

As a reseller what can I do for you?

As a reseller for Streamsmart we demo their products. Along with demonstrating all that the streamsmart can do, we also educate the customer on how to use the streamsmart, troubleshoot issues, and use their home network to its maximum potential.
Warranty issues are directly handled through us to alleviate the hassles with replacing and returning equipment.
Most of all is the assurance that you have a local representative to help you with all of the technical issues you may have with not only the streamsmart device but your router, modem, connected devices, and entire home network.
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