Mechanical Drafting/Design
  1. Mechanical Designs
    JB Technical Solutions has 20+ years of experience in Mechanical Design. Whether it is industrial equipment, industrial ventilation, jig & fixture design, sheet metal formed parts, weldments, or various other designed systems, JB Technical Solutions has the experience to bring solutions to your design requirements.
  2. Conceptual Layouts
    JB Technical Solutions can work alongside you to visualize your concepts and put your thoughts to paper.
  3. Drafting/Detailing
    When you need an assembly or detail drawing you can trust JB Technical Solutions has the training and background to provide you with drafting services using time honored drafting standards.
  4. Reverse Engineering
    Need drawings of an existing part or equipment? JB Technical Solutions can take existing components and create a digital representation to be used with CNC equipment and fabrication drawings.
  5. Consulting
    With 2 decades of experience in manufacturing, design, value engineering, and project engineering, JB Technical Solutions can consult with you to find the most cost effective real world solutions to your projects.
  6. Project Management
    JB Technical Solutions can assist in your project management needs with Microsoft Project consultation. Processes identification/modeling Schedule development Critical path analysis Schedule maintenance, updating, and status advising Predictive analysis using forecast scheduling techniques Risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  7. File Conversion
    Hand drawing to 2D vector drawings (to/not to scale) PDF (or similar) to 2D vector drawings (to/not to scale) 2D drawing to 3D model/drawing 3D model/drawing to 2D drawings
  8. 3D/Solid Modeling
    With experience using Autodesk Inventor & Pro-E Wildfire, JB Technical Solutions can work with you to create solid models on varied software platforms.
Computer Services
Computer Services/Pricing
Small business service and maintenance plans
Save time

Let JB Technical Solutions take care of your network while you take care of your business. Whether it’s virus protection, spyware prevention, windows updates/patches, disaster recovery, or peripheral management we can help.

Save Money

While other businesses invest $40,000+ per year on an in-house technician, JB Technical Solutions’ clients invest only a fraction of the cost and receive 24/7 support.
Service/Maintenance Plans